EM Film Fest Mission

Mission Objective:

Our mission here at the Endless Mountains Film Festival is simple:

  1. To provide the best professional experience to filmmakers to exhibit their films.
  2. Offer prizes and awards that show filmmakers that their work is appreciated.
  3. To provide a venue where films can be shown the way they were intended to be seen.
  4. Provide cultural outreach to the surrounding community to expand the reach, appreciation, and cultural relevance of the art of filmmaking.
  5. Create an environment where filmmakers and their films are the priority.

We know how hard the festival circuit is.  Many of us are filmmakers ourselves.  The time, travel, and constant networking can be hard on anyone.  The Endless Mountains Film Festival endeavors to alleviate a majority of that stress by establishing a bus travel route to and from New York City, with deep discounts on lodging, and several meals provided. The Endless Mountains Film Festival only wants you to do one thing when you arrive:  sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!